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Emed 6 Week Complete Cleanse


Are you sick of feeling lethargic? Want to wake up with a spring in your step, look good and feel great?

Then maybe it’s time you did a detox!

The Emed 6 Week Complete Cleanse is designed for those wanting a total health overhaul. This program targets liver detoxification, gut integrity and intestinal flora balance.

This Detox Program is just $419 so you save a whopping $181 off the price of this ultimate wellness package!

That’s less than $70 per week for 6 weeks of full Naturopathic support from your Emed Practitioner and all of the natural products you need to support your Complete Cleanse detox.

Product Description

Emed is excited to launch our exclusive range of detoxification programs to our valued members and patients.

Our programs include full practitioner support throughout, informative Emed Detox Booklet and diary, newsletters, recommended food lists and healthy detox recipes, high-quality practitioner products to support the detoxification process and more!

See below for a sneak peak of our exclusive Emed Detox Booklet!

The Emed 6 Week Complete Cleanse is normally valued at $600 including all consultations, supplements, support material and free gifts.

This Detox Program is just $419 so you save a whopping $181 off the price of this ultimate wellness package!

That’s less than $70 per week for 6 weeks of full Naturopathic support from your Emed Practitioner and all of the natural products you need to support your Complete Cleanse detox.


Emed 6 Week Complete Cleanse Package includes:

    • 4 x E-consultations (every 2 weeks during detox)
    • Detox products with practitioner recommendations (6 week supply)
    • Detox booklet including food lists, recipes, sample menu planner and more
    • 6 Week Detox Diary
    • Weekly Detox E-Newsletters
    • Practitioner support via email throughout detox
    • Free shaker for protein shakes
    • Free dry skin-brush with instructions on how to use effectively


Products included in the 6 Week Complete Cleanse:

Stage 1: Products recommended during this 2 week stage are aimed towards removing harmful bacteria, organisms and waste from the digestive system. This helps to reduce the amount of toxins reabsorbed into the body via the gut and reduces damage to the lining of the digestive system. It is also important to start making dietary and lifestyle changes throughout this stage to reduce your exposure to both environmental and endogenously produced toxins.

      • Antimicrobial Herbs
      • High Potency Colostrum with Glyconutrients


Stage 2: This stage of the detox is aimed towards alkalising the body and supporting all organs of detoxification and elimination, particularly the kidneys and digestive system. Probiotics are included in the stage to help to replace harmful gut bacteria with healthy bacteria and continue to improve the health of the digestive tract.

      • Phytonutrients and Super Foods Blend
      • High Potency Probiotic Powder


Stage 3: This final 2-week stage of the Comprehensive Cleanse provides you with specific nutrients and herbs support to enhance liver detoxification and protect body tissues throughout the process of liberating and eliminating stored toxins. The supplements recommended also assist with the reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress in the body to further enable healing and improve overall wellbeing.

      • Nutritional Support for Detoxification
      • Phytonutrients For Detoxification


Please note: Products recommended for either detox program may vary due to individual patient requirements, existing health conditions or medications.

Why Choose an Emed Detox Program?

Our Detox Programs include exclusive health information and detox guidance, specifically tailored to your health needs.

We include only the best-quality natural practitioner supplements to assist you with your detox and Practitioner support is available whenever you may need it during your detox.

E-Consultations are included in your detox program to provide you with the benefits and support of talking with a qualified Emed Practitioner without having to pay exorbitant prices or leave your home or office.

E-Consults connect you with your Emed Practitioner via Skype or telephone at a time which is convenient for you and take approximately 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

During each E-Consult, your Practitioner will guide you through each stage of your detoxification program. This will include information and help regarding your detox diet, supplements and dosage instructions.

This time will also give you the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns which you may have with your Practitioner.

Emed Detox Programs provide exceptional value for money in comparison with other Detox Programs you would expect to find in Natural Health Clinics and without any of the hassle!


Optional Extras To Enhance Your Detox Program

      • Hair Mineral Analysis prior to detox to help identify pre-existing mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicities. Test results assist with directing detox treatment for a more individualised approach based on your health needs. This test is particularly useful for people who are exposed to toxins occupationally or through lifestyle factors, suffer from infertility, mood disorders, chronic fatigue or chronic diseases.
      • IgG Food Allergy Test prior to detox to determine particular foods you may need to eliminate or avoid throughout and following the detox program. This test is recommended for people who have struggled with ongoing digestive problems or suffer from allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema, sinusitis, hay fever.
      • pH ion test strips can be used throughout your detox to monitor the levels of acidity in your body. Often, when your system is toxically encumbered or you suffer from any inflammatory diseases, the acidity of your body is increased giving rise to further health problems. Detoxifying and alkalising your system is greatly beneficial to cellular health and overall wellbeing. To read more about acid/alkaline balancing and health, click here.
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